Bluff Creek Complex site 14HP5 near Anthony Kansas

Personal Memories of the Archaeology Dig

First you have to clear the brush in the ditch

The you have to use a "long handled trowel" to get the big stuff

Then a real trowel which is hard in clay and gumbo.

Mapping the site is important

Sarah Meier, K State Junior, ran the TOPCON and
I got the shaft (stick) with Martin Stein Hmm........But the outcome was good

I dug feature C and finished feature L with lots of help from new friends.

Wet Screening at Brent Weeks house June 5, 2004

Floatation set up in the back of WSU Neff Hall June 17, 2004 with samples drying on the clothes line. The light fraction goes into the small bag hanging off of the to of the barrel. a fine screen catches the heavy fraction of the material. The material is dried and then analized..

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