Coronado's expedition Camp
Blanco Canyon is located in Southern Floyd County and Northern Crosby County Texas. The map on the web page shows the approximate location of the units of Coronados troup in the Canyon. These pictures show the canyon from the North, the East and from the South.

View of Blanco Canyon from the cap rock on the North Road out of the Montgomery Ranch:

View of the our camp and the site from the North end cap rock

View from the highway East of the Canyon from left to right We could see cars going down the highway at night from our camp:

This is the camp from the East side of the Canyon on the highwaylooking West

Some pictures of the canyon just south of our camp:

From the Indian trail out of the South end of the canyon:

View of the 41FL81 site from the Indian Trail head on the South cap rockLooking South toward the cap rock and the trail head that the prior picture was taken from

part of the washout of the Indian trail on the south side of the Canyon

Indian trail

From the North end of the Indian trail

North end of the Indian trail with the cut in the cap rock:

The Indian trail on the North is much steeper than the grade going out of the canyon on the South

View looking South from the North rim toward our camp and the Coronodo Site on the left