Infantry Camp 2 of the 1541 Coronado Expedition.

Artifacts found in the Road. Indications are that this was the location of the infantry camp of Corornado's expedition of 1541. Most of the Crossbow points were found in this location and the March 2004 artifacts substantiate that this was the location of horses and men with cross bows and harquebus or arquebus (blunderbus type gun).

Three lead balls found near the road. Potentially "Buck and Ball" loads for a 16th century gun The hole that the crossbow bolt was found in
The bolt was found slightly inclined up in the earth Crossbow bolt in situ as found
Crossbow bolt found in the road with the tip slightly bent as can be seen in this picture. The bolt is slightly longer than 1 inch
The moment of discovery as the crew talks about the crossbow bolt found in the road Floyd County museum collection of crossbow bolts. Most were found around the road and sink hole near the road
A reproduction of the 16th century crossbow used by Coronado's expedition in 1541 ( Floyd County Museum) The trowel points to the horse shoe nail tip found in the road
Nail found in the road (13) 3/21/04  
Nail found in the sink hole next to the road 3/21/04 Sink hole nail exposed
Fire Pit carbon removed for evaluation found at 183S 77E North 1/2 of meter square Searching in the Canyon in the Floyd County Museum
Very fine specimans of 'aglets' that were used as the end of cord used to tie up shirts another view of the aglets
Reproduction chain mail and sword Floyd County Museum Floyd County museum display case
Floyd County museum horseshoe nails, horse shoes and buckles some of these were collected before a record was made of the location at the site, Paleo Indian Spear Point cashe found in a sink hold in the canyon
floyd402.jpg A very good article on the excavation that is displayed in the Floyd County Museum
looking at a poster in the Floyd County Museum Rain Clouds in Floydada Texas
Indian firepit at the site 183S 77E North 1/2 of meter square Copper Sheet found in the road
Los Nortenos "tough as nails"in a fire pit that will be excavated next time Los Nortenos "tough as nails"