pictures from my open house on Shady Way on the Little Arkansas River Sunday December 22, 2003. .... Les and John Webber in Dining room poor framing but it includes Jacky who is John's lady John and Deb Kedzuf in the hide a bed room.. Bob Fox, Gary Gates (on Divan) Deb Kedzuf and Les Unrein Les and Donna and Donna Fox Ms. Pam Breece and Janet Overman.

Boeing Crowd Judy Dunn and Sharon Gates (Midian ladies) Carla Klaprott, Andy Baker, Janet Overman and Wayne Klapprott who did the retirement tribute. Very talented guy. L Cushman and some of Donna Unrien and Gary Gates

Jan Frutiger and Paul Beckmann (Boeing) on the propeller wall. Donna Clyne, Lynda and Judy (Shrine ladies) Dinning room Gates, Dunn and Cushman in the kitchen. Donna Unrein, Donna and Carl Clyne and Lynda. Chris Cushman the top of Andy Johnson and Lynda C.
with a fire in the fireplace. also I had a Chiminea going. Janice and Frank Korte, My cousin and her husband in the hidabed room.

Pictures from my 2003 Birthday party on Thursday 12/18/2003 night. Party of five Pam States and Lynda Cushman Mike States Chris and Lynda Norm and WSU Santa gift Pam, Lynda and Chris

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May 5, 2004