Walnut Valley Field School near Augusta June 28-29, 2011 site 14BU313
Walnut Valley Field School east of Mulvane June 18-29, 2011 site 14CO327

Archaeology of the heartland and spring break digs
A survey conducted May 22, 2005 a mile south of Leon Kansas
A survey conducted June 23, 2005 in Chautaukua County Kansas
and an Archaic Site in Butler County Kansas with a unique fireplace

sidenotch/basenotchA Bluff Creek Complex (Armstrong Site) site in Harper County Kansas Personal moments from the dig near Bluff Creek and Report from the WSU "Sunflower" on the Bluff Creek field school
 Marcia (Meiers) Bender Thesis on Armstrong Site (Bluff Creek)

A report on Trade Routes of the American Southwest to Mesoamerica based on trade material


For those who confuse Archaeology with Paleontology here is a Kansas webpage:

This is Mike Everhart's Paleontology the "Oceans of Kansas" we are talking monster sea creatures....

Roy Beckemeyer's "Winds of Kansas" site...  Odonta ( Dragonflies) was good but was removed

trips to Coronado's expedition Camp 41FL81 site Blanco Canyon in Floyd County Texas March 20-25, 2004,
Blanco Canyon Texas Views with the 41FL81 Coronado Archaeology Site located

Spring Break 2004 with a map of 41FL81 Coronado Archaeology Site

Infantry Camp site based on weapon artifacts found

Excavation 3/20/04 - 3/25/04

March 2004 Field Team Camp


White (River) Water Rafting

Team Pictures from the Spring Break 2007 dig in Blanco Canyon
Commanche Trail and Jones Plummer Trail going through Blanco Canyon
Pictures from the Canyon during the Spring Break March 19 to 23, 2007
Nails found during the 2007 Spring Break dig
personal pictures from digging in 2007


. NormOlaAliens in the land of the Maya

(Most of the Maya Research Program people are aliens in Belize) After 20 Years at Blue Creek Orange Walk District Belize I joined them to be a part of the forth session in 2012.
The Site and Past Projects. Since 1992, research at the Maya center of Blue Creek has been MRP's flagship effort. Blue Creek was a wealthy polity with large monumental architecture. We have excavated much of the public and residential architecture, discovered one of the Maya area's largest caches of jade, and found a large-scale ancient agricultural system. (Click here for a brief site summary.) MRP has also been instrumental in documenting and protecting many Maya sites in northwest Belize. MRP's work at Blue Creek has produced an academic book, dozens of published papers, ten doctoral dissertations and over a dozen master's theses. Over 2200 students and volunteers have participated in the project in the past 20 years. The current Blue Creek project team includes faculty members and graduate students from over a dozen universities worldwide. This is a report on some more detail of Tulix Mul where the above excavation occured.


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